False Flag, IIIM, OPCW & Missing Engineer Report.

opcw imageIn every mainstream media (MSM) article whether you agree or disagree, journalist target an individual to create the folk devil and the governments must be seen to do something about it (Cohen 2012). The definition of false flag on most online dictionaries explains, “it is the mis-representation that involves a covert political, or military operation that allows the observer to believe the act was carried out by by another party”. This helps to rally support for a certain political group showing they are the ‘good’ party and the opposition is a ‘bad’ party (Chomsky 2007). There is one part of the false flag definition people must remember and that is the death of citizens are real, it happened, it is the narrative behind their deaths that needs answering!

syria air (3)_LIFor example, a Brown Moses blog (2012) showing and telling his readers that Bashar al Assad’s air force, threw barrels bombs from a helicopter. A closer inspection of the video uploaded onto YouTube, displays the user’s profile picture of a young girl with a flag painted on her face. The Syrian flag painted on the young girl’s face has three stars, which is a flag often used by the opposition forces in Syria (FSA). Further investigation of the video had shown it was published 26 October 2012.

In August 2012, Lieutenant Colonel Rick Francona a retired US Air Force intelligence officer, wrote,

“the helicopter airfield at Taftanaz, also known as Afis air base has come under attack by the rebels… Afis is home to two squadrons of Mi-8 (HIP) assault helicopters”.

According to Brown Moses (2012) blog, a barrel bomb was thrown from an Mi-8 (HIP) assault helicopter. Additionally, the FSA battalions took over three air defence bases in the Damascus, Aleppo and Homs regions between the 12-13 October 2012 (Yehoshua and Barkan 2012). Therefore, the war crime of throwing barrel bombs out of a helicopter could have been conducted by the FSA, as they had the capabilities. This could also be defined as a false flag attack, as the FSA could have carried out the military operation, so the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) became the folk devil. In return for the FSA false flag they would gain the required support from certain Western nation states.

UK Former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was asked about Assad committing war crimes, “well it is the thought… at least the fear of an indictment… it will take time to record these crimes” (Ruptly 2018). Western nation states have the determination to try and over-throw Bashar al Assad, but are required to continue their crusade legitimately. For that reason, the IIIM mechanism created by International Court of Justice, will collect and document evidence of crimes against humanity in Syria (ICJ 2017). Syria Accountability 2017 &  Aldimiashqi 2017 believe the IIIM will help to hold Bashar al Assad to account in the international court. For that reason, an investigation conducted by the OPCW would contribute to the documentation of the evidence of crimes against humanity for the IIIM.

The OPCW has the task to oversee the investigations into the 2018 gas attack in Douma, media reports say, “at least 40 people were killed”Hubbard (2018). For the first time the OPCW managed to collect the samples and conduct the investigation, as the areas are usually under the control of a ‘listed terrorist organisation al Nusra’ (OPCW 2017, p.2). off gaurdianTherefore, on the 1 March 2019 the OPCW released the final report and concluded that the Syrian government conducted a chlorine attack in Douma. However, not everyone was happy with the results of the OPCW report, as many voices disputed the fact that the cylinders could fall from a helicopter, through the roof, bounce from the floor onto a bed. See image above from OffGuardian (2019).

Paul Bond (2019) writes  “the Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media (WGSPM) has a leaked OPCW engineering report that concludes the alleged 2018 chemical attack in Syria was staged”. In an interview with Syriana Analysis (2019) Professor David Miller from the WGSPM explains the importance of the engineers report, as it is vital evidence, which illustrates how the gas cylinders were placed and not thrown out of a helicopter. However, MSM have ignored this report as it contradicts their articles that wrongly accuse the Syrian government of gassing his own people. Also, certain individuals are too busy trying to prove that it is not a genuine document. See the thread below by @2ndNewMoon as one person believes it is a disgruntled employee.

To conclude, the gas attack in Douma is defined as a false flag attack conducted by the extremist opposition groups, so they could place blame on the Syrian government. If the false flag attempt was a success, Western nation states would have been one step closer in seeing Bashar al Assad in the ICJ. No one is saying Assad has not committed crimes, it is a war, but questions need to be answered to get justice for the people killed.

The unanswered questions are,

  1. Was the OPCW pressured into leaving out the engineer report, if so by whom?
  2. Was the engineer report left out, because all the evidence pointed to the extremist opposition forces in Syria?
  3. Why was there no autopsies conducted on the dead people that were displayed on social media platforms and in MSM outlets? Who were the dead people, do their families know about their death?


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False Flag, IIIM, OPCW & Missing Engineer Report.

Julian Assange: “Russian government not the source of leaked DNC and Podesta emails” (Belfast Telegraph 2016). What does Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange know that the US State Department does not want you to know?


In 2013, there is an alleged hack into Hilary Clinton’s server through her aide’s email address. This led the FBI to take the server, which was replaced with a new server so that they can investigate the alleged hack of Hilary Clinton’s aide’s email (Attkisson 2016). Michael Sutton stated it is difficult to say what motivated the named alleged hacker Guccifier, who could be a disgruntled employee (Acohido 2013). Between March 25th to 31st 2013, the FBI found Hilary Clinton deleted some of her emails (Kiely 2016).

During 2013, Judicial Watch requested a Freedom of Information (FOIA) as Hilary Clinton claimed she kept a record and emails related to Benghazi, Libya (Judicial Watch 2016).

On the 23rd September 2015, the FBI claims they have managed to retrieve the deleted emails from Hilary Clinton’s server (Reid and Fraser-Chanpong 2015).

On the 29th February 2016, the State Department released the FOIA in PDF form. The emails released span from the 30th June 2010 to the 12th August 2014 (Wikileaks 2019). The State Department did withhold certain emails until after the 2016 election (Seigel 2016). The State Department releases more emails on the 2nd of February 2018 (Wikileaks 2019).

On 26th April 2016, the Obama State Department admitted it withheld an essential Benghazi email from the Judicial Watch (2016) that should have been handed over in September 2014.

“On March 16, 2016 WikiLeaks launched a searchable archive for over 30 thousand emails & email attachments sent to and from Hillary Clinton’s private email server while she was Secretary of State. The 50,547 pages of documents span from 30 June 2010 to 12 August 2014. 7,570 of the documents were sent by Hillary Clinton. The emails were made available in the form of thousands of PDFs by the US State Department as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request. More PDFs were made available on February 29, 2016, and a set of additional 995 emails was imported up to February 2, 2018” (quoted from Wikileaks Website 2019).

According to Roger Stone’s indictment during May 2016, the DNC became aware that the computer systems were compromised. On 14th June, Company 1, in this case, Crowdstrike announced the DNC alleged Russian Government actors conducted the hack.

On 7th October 2016, Wikileaks released the leaked Podesta emails, and the date of these emails range from 1998 to 2001 (Wikileaks 2019). However, there is the allegation that the Podesta emails were part of Hilary Clinton’s private emails and are supposed to have been deleted (Attkinson 2013).

On 21st March 2017, Wikileaks released Vault 7, which involves the CIA programs of espionage. The CIA openly admit that they were unaware that the files were stolen, which could also indicate someone from the inside, or a CIA private contractor (Walcott and Hosenball 2017).

The alleged hack that took place on/around May 2016

There are allegations that Russia has three known types of hacking malware, they are Uroburos, Energetic Bear and APT28. The malware groups are;

  • Koala Team, recognised by ISIGHT Partners;
  • Dragonfly, recognised by Symantec;
  • Energetic Bear, recognised by Crowdstrike;
  • Crouching Yeti recognised by Kaspersky (Higgens 2014; Wikileaks 2019).

David Vincenzetti is the CEO of the Italian Malware hacking Team based in Milan, Singapore and Washington DC. Vincenzetti sent an internal email on 6th July 2014, to use the companies mentioned above to break the code of Russian malware (Wikileaks 2019). Therefore, in May 2016, rather than the FBI investigating the hack, the DNC employed Crowdstrike to detect the malware on Hilary Clinton’s server.

Crowdstrike’s report (2016-17) claim they found the Russian malware targeting Ukraine’s military Android devices, that track their field artillery units. The International Institute for Strategic Studies and the Ukraine Ministry of Defence have both refuted these claims by Crowdstrike and argue that the Russian hack did not happen (Lawrence 2017; Sainato 2017). Kaspersky’s cyber espionage campaign, to detect Energetic Bear Russian malware has evidence pointing to French and Swedish speaking attackers, as well as Eastern European countries (Higgens 2014). For that reason, Kaspersky has renamed the Crowdstrike campaign from Energetic Bear to Energetic Yeti, because the researchers cannot confirm the attackers are from Russia (Higgens 2014). Crowdstrike has retracted certain parts of their report about the alleged DNC hack that was supposed to have happened in 2016 (Keigeir 2017).


There are certain points highlighted while investigating the time-line about Wikileaks and Assange.

  1. The Podesta emails seem to have caused a stir, as Hilary Clinton’s emails were released by the State Department for the request of an FOIA.
  2. The FBI managed to retrieve the deleted emails from the server, and the Judicial Watch found the State Department to have hidden certain Benghazi emails found in 2014 on Clinton’s server. After the investigations the State Department uploaded the Clinton emails in PDF form.
  3. Similarly, the release of Vault 7 in which the CIA already admit they did not know that these files were leaked and they believe it was someone on the inside or a private contractor hired by the FBI.
  4. Kaspersky explains that if there was a hack, there would be no evidence of who conducted the hack. On the other hand, Crowdstrike lied about the Russian hack into Ukraine’s Military, so they can lie about the DNC server.

The evidence above could argue that the leaked emails from the DNC server was more likely to have been someone on the inside. Hence, Julian Assange’s statement that the emails came from a whistle-blower is true, and the links to a Russian hack do not exist. #FreeAssange #IamWikileaks



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Julian Assange: “Russian government not the source of leaked DNC and Podesta emails” (Belfast Telegraph 2016). What does Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange know that the US State Department does not want you to know?

Bellingcat & Atlantic Council, why have they hid the truth about the alleged GRU agents?


Looking into the Bellingcat team previously, I have found the information that their sources say will say the complete opposite. The recent unveiling of the suspects in the Skripal’s case and Bellingcat’s ability to find information that the UK police, counter-terrorism and intelligence cannot find, has made me extremely suspicious. Furthermore, Bellingcat had help from the Atlantic Council a NATO think tank. For those reasons, I decided to follow the evidence that was available.

Russian internal passport from 1997-2007Screenshot (189)

(Bellingcat 2018)                                                         (Vokhmin 2011).

Analysing Bellingcat’s copy of Alexander Mishkin (aka Alexander Petrov) found, firstly, this is not a Russian international passport, but an internal passport. Secondly, to put a passport together they are printed, folded and stitched (Home Office 2013). Looking at the writing on the first page of Mishkin’s alleged passport, the writing is not on the line, which would be similar to the lady’s passport on the right. Thirdly, Miskin’s photo lies on top of the border, but the passport on the right does not. Fourthly, why has the Bellingcat team cut the bottom of the passport, when there is no information on the bottom of the passport?

In comparing both passports, I would conclude that Mishkin’s could be fake. Fake passports have become a huge international problem and in 2002, it was reported that more than 40 million passports were reported lost or stolen. In 2013, Interpol has estimated that 9,800 people tried to cross into Europe with false documents (Miller 2014; Serenelli 2014). However, investigations have shown it is not easy for people who use their internal passport to travel in Russia.

“Russia has a strict visa program even for people who reside in the Russian Federation and want to visit other parts of Russia! Travellers should apply for a visa in advance of their trip, have a copy of it and their passports with them at all times, and make sure to return from Russia before the visa expires” (Kubilius 2017).

Bellingcat explains the reason why Mishkin can go through passport control because he is GRU. At this point Mishkin is only 21 years of age and is required to finish medical school before joining the military, air force, navy or the GRU (Military Study 2018). For those reasons, I do not agree with the Bellingcat team that Mishkin would have the ability to travel inside Russia with this passport.

Russian international passportScreenshot (190)

(Vokhimin 2011)

Vokhimin’s (2011) document about the history of Russia’s passport displays the type of passport that is required for a Russian citizen to travel internationally (see Image 2, passport 2000-present day). The Bellingcat team and the Insider try to discredit the story of Ruslan Boshirov and Alexander Petrov, as they both explained in an interview on Russia Today (RT) that they had been planning their visit to Salisbury for a long time. Bellingcat and the Insider state,

“The flight record documented the times of booking, check-in, and boarding of each passenger. In the case of the two suspects, they made their initial booking – and checked in online – at 20:00 GMT (22:00 Moscow time) on 1 March 2018, the night before their short trip to London and Salisbury” (Bellingcat 2018).

However, the statement made by the two suspects could be true, as they are required to obtain a visa from the UK Russian Embassy. Applying for a UK visa requires a Russian citizen (adults or children) to be screened for TB. Then, a Russian citizen is required to bring the appropriate documents, application form and a TB certificate to the appointment at the UK Russian Embassy (UK Visa and Immigration 2014). The UK Visa and Immigration (2014) website also states that they cannot guarantee when the visa will be approved, so the individual should apply in advance before booking their UK holiday.

Uncovering Bishirov

Bellingcat claim they uncovered Bishirov’s real identity, which is Colonel Antatoliy Chepiga. The documents that they collected range from anonymous sources and images accessible on the internet.  According to the Bellingcat team,

“Online searches in both Google and via two Russian search engines found no images, or social media presence, related to a Colonel Anatoliy Chepiga, or to anyone by that name with a military connection. This appeared to be highly unusual; given the fact he had been awarded the highest state honour” (Bellingcat 2018).

The image below is from Bellingcat (2018) report that Bishrov is Chepiga.

Screenshot (191)

Bellingcat methodology is somewhat strange, as to choose a name that has the same birth date as someone else and come to a conclusion, is not conclusive. As the observer, they want us to believe that this is not a coincidence. My first reaction to this image and the fact they could not find information on Google or two other Russian search engines is that Chepiga may have died in action, why would your name be placed on a war memorial wall. Analysing the Bellingcat team’s documents I found a completely different account of events.

Military school

The Eastern Higher Embassy Command school was renamed Far Eastern Military School, Marshal of the Soviet Union KK Rokossovky since 1988. The history of this school has shown they have trained the Russian military for combat and thereafter has changed their educational curriculum for the soldiers. For example, to train the military in the Arctic Circle, engineers in operating armoured personnel carriers, cars and tractors, telecommunications, scientific experiments and producing the patents for the construction of military equipment. Additionally, there is at least 30 other countries, whose military are taught at this school (DVOKU 2016; 2017; 2018).

This image below is from Bellingcat (2018) report, the blue square is who Bellingcat believe to be Chepiga and the orange square was pointed out by someone else on twitter, as could this be Chepiga too!

Screenshot (193)

Bellingcat source states the image is from the archives and that they are the graduates from the DVOKU and are in Chechnya. No names are mentioned on the document (no names are ever mentioned about who receives the Hero of the Russian Federation medal DVOKU 2017). But it explains how “seven officers were awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation for the illumination of illegal armed groups in the Chechen Republic”. Was Chepiga one of seven named a hero?

On the other hand, I can tell you that Chepiga was not on the war memorial in 2013. Now it can be concluded that Chepiga’s name was placed on the war memorial between September 2013-2016.


thumbnail_IMG_4114 (2)

The history of the gold star

Hero of the Russian Federation was first given by President Boris Yeltsin in 1992. In November 2009 President Demitry Medvedev gave the medal Evegney Chernyshov chief of the Moscow fire department who died trying to save lifes from a burning building. The award of Hero of the Russain Federation was given to 340 people during the 1st and 2nd Chechnya wars, astronauts, athletes ect (FullWiki 2010). This award was also given to the military, who died in action (Krotov and Dobrynin 2018).

Krotov and Dobryin (2018) investigated Bellingcat claims and found themselves in a similar situation. There was no record of Chepiga or the reason for why his name was on the memorial wall. However, they both found that the name beside Chepiga was placed on the war memorial in 2014. Alexander Viktovovich Popov was a peacemaker in Eastern Ukraine and was killed trying to save his friend. I must add further information at this point, as Russia had the abilty to place 45, 000 but there was only 15, 000 Russian soldiers in Crimea and are known as the Crimean self-defence forces (Bohm 2014).

Both Krotov and Dobryin (2018) conclude Chepiga’s name comes after Popov and Chepiga could be the friend or just a soldier that was killed in Eastern Ukraine. Chepiga may not have been awarded the gold star in 2014 as Bellingcat suggests, but could have received the award previously as he may have been one of the seven in Chechyna, killed in Eastern Ukraine, or during 2013 when Russia was involved in the removal of chemicals in Syria.

Questions for Bellingcat

Are the documents you use in Bellingcat research belong to the GRU agent known in the UK, Mr Skripal?

Did you know it is illegal to scan passports belonging to someone else?

What image was used, to show people in Russia? Was it Chepiga or Boshrov, Mishkin or Petrov?




















Bellingcat & Atlantic Council, why have they hid the truth about the alleged GRU agents?

Bellingcat or a Bellendtwat? A Scapegoat for Western Nation States? 28 April 2018, 11:27 am, by CD ;~)



Table 1; Bellingcat (2018)


Bellingcat and friends believe they have found a link between the Syrian Government and the company that imports isopropanol that is found in the production of sarin gas. According to Bellingcat, “on the 18 April 2018, the Syrian Archive and Knack revealed information that Belgium violated EU sanctions against Syria according to the summons of an upcoming lawsuit”. Therefore, let us look at the open sources and conduct the same methodology used in Bellingcat investigation.

Bellingcat; Leaked OPCW Report

“April 2017, sarin attack in Khan Sheikhoun in which the Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) examined samples from and around the impact crater in Khan Sheikhoun, finding in laboratory tests is the use of isopropanol in the production of sarin used in the attack” (Bellingcat 2018).  However, what Bellingcat forgot to tell his readers about the alleged gas attack,

“With respect to Khan Shaykhun, the crater from which the sarin emanated had been disturbed after the incident and subsequently filled with concrete. Accordingly, the integrity of the scene had been compromised. The Leadership Panel considered that the high security risk of a site visit to Khan Shaykhun, which is currently in a situation of armed conflict and under the control of a listed terrorist organization (Nusrah Front), outweighed the possible benefits for the investigation. The Leadership Panel decided to keep the issue under review. Should conditions improve, and should it be determined that an on-site investigation would produce valuable new information, a visit could take place in the future. In that context, the Mechanism recently received an updated security advisory noting changes in the extent of the control exerted by various groups and additional parties involved, including increased complexity involving indirect artillery fire and recurrent air strikes” (OPCW 2017, p. 5).

Furthermore, Bellingcat (2018) stated “We consulted The UN Comtrade database to identify whether any shipments of isopropanol, a sanctioned chemical from EU Member States to Syria, were reported after sanctions were put in place in 2013”.

Let’s take a look at the table 1 above that mentions the countries involved,

  1. Belgium is funding the so called Syrian Civil Society (the opposition in Syria), who consistently lobby the international community to intervene (Belgium Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and development Co-operation 2018; White Helmets 2018).
  2. Netherlands help collect aid through Mayday operations to assist the White Helmets (Mayday 2018).
  3. Lebanon, Turkey and United Arab Emirates, who consistently fund and aid the so called moderate groups in Syria (Marzouk, Angelovski and Svircic 2017; Syria Campaign 2018).

Furthermore, the reader should know “Croatia was among the first countries to supply weapons to Syrian rebels in the winter of 2012. The shipment was routed via Jordan with logistical support from the CIA and paid for by Saudi Arabia, according to a 2013 investigation by the New York Times” (Marzouk, Angelovski and Svircic 2017).

Therefore, the Secretary-General’s statement at the UN meeting on the 14 April 2018,

“In Syria we see confrontations and proxy wars involving several national armies, a number of armed opposition groups, many national and international militias, foreign fighters from all over the world and various terrorist organizations” (UNSC 2018, p. 2).


Now let’s look at the sanctions, “Designated persons are persons subject to an asset freeze 3 and to whom no funds or economic resources can be made directly or indirectly available or made available for their benefit. Such natural or legal persons, entities and bodies are listed in Annex II and IIa of the Regulation, and include:

  1. natural or legal persons, entities and bodies responsible for violent repression against the civilian population in Syria;
  2. natural or legal persons, entities and bodies benefiting from or supporting the regime;
  3. leading businesspersons in Syria;
  4. members of the Assad or Makhlouf families;
  5. Syrian Government Ministers;
  6. members of the Syrian Armed Forces;
  7. members of the Syrian security and intelligence services;
  8. members of the regime-affiliated militias;
  9. persons, entities or institutions operating in the chemical weapons proliferation sector; and
  10. natural or legal persons and entities associated with (i) to (ix)” (Service for Foreign Policy 2018, p. 5).

However, the firms accused say that they were unaware of the new license requirements and acted in good faith, when continuing to trade with paint and varnish companies in which they had done business for more than 10 years.

“Every single kilo, every container is checked and controlled by the customs,” Herman Van Landeghem from Danmar Logistics told the BBC. “We gave them all the documents. They checked every container and released every container. “Why did they release the containers? We opened them in front of the nose of the customs officers. They know where we sell them, they checked them for years and years and we have exported them to the Middle East for years. We supplied all the necessary documents. “Everything we export to Syria is to clients that are not on the blacklist. None of them.” (BBC NEWS 2018).

OPCW Convention

Moreover, Bellingcat also forgets to mention, “the Chemical Weapons Convention in September 2013 destroyed Syria’s existing chemical stockpiles that were handed over for destruction” (BBC 2018). The OPCW was given the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013, as they had the “hazardous mission to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons stocks” (Guardian 2013). However, according to certain nation states they believe that Syria has “suspect chemical weapons…..deployed in a deadly attack in the Damascus suburb of Douma earlier this month” (BBC 2018).

In the BBC (2018) report they mention that the OPCW report and that sarin was used to kill scores of people in the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun in April 2017” (BBC 2018). However, as mentioned above the OPCW report stated how they collected the samples, which they did not collect themselves (OPCW 2017). There is also another point that must be taken into account, the fact that Nusrah Front was the terrorist group on site of the alleged chemical attack (OPCW 2017).

Small-Scale Terrorist Chemical Attacks

One other account to mention is the ‘Small-scale Terrorist Attacks Using Chemical and Biological Agents: An Assessment Framework and Preliminary Comparisons’ produced for the White House (2004).

 “This report…presents a means of assessing the relative threat from terrorist-use of individual chemical, biological, and toxin agents. It focuses on small-scale, targeted chemical and biological attacks, rather than mass-casualty attacks. The framework considers the elements of access, public health impact, medical treatment, prophylaxis, and dissemination. Other factors that may affect potential use by terrorists include the range of lethality, covert employment of an agent, and the availability of dual-use technologies” (Shea and Gottron 2004).

Therefore, the report above mentions how terrorists groups will use make shift labs to produce chemicals to attack civilians and the opposition and in this case, to attack the Syrian Arab Army (Shea and Gottron 2004). As a result, Russia has a right to question the OPCW report as the sample collected by scientists should know that this is not a rigorous research method and is flawed from day one (OPCW 2017; Sciencedirect 2018).


Overall, the evidence above points to a different outcome from Bellingcat, as the evidence points to the opposition, who are receiving the chemicals in Syria and not the Syrian government. Therefore, Bellingcat’s evidence is arguably based on his generalisation, without validation and his results are not reliable, as they are tarnished by his bias. Bellingcat should dig his open sources further, as to suppress information is bad for his business.  However, I will leave it up to the reader to decide.

Consequently, I do believe that there are many more questions that should be asked and Western Nation States need to answer. As a result, how can Western nation states say “Both incidents prompted Western retaliatory air strikes” (BBC 2018) when the evidence has flaws?  How can the UK government listen and read Bellingcat and friends investigation, when they have suppressed information?



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 8233rd meeting Saturday, 14 April 2018, 11 a.m. New York



Bellingcat or a Bellendtwat? A Scapegoat for Western Nation States? 28 April 2018, 11:27 am, by CD ;~)